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Certificate Courses in Baraka Agricultural College


 We are inviting interested women and men from eastern Africa for the following Courses. These courses aim at training and educating the participants to be efficient in Agriculture and rural development process. These Includes:

  1. Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (CSARD) is a sixteen (16) months course,
  2. Certificate in Fisheries Technology,
  3. Craft Certificate in Entrepreneurial Agriculture.
  4. Certificate in Apiculture (Bee Keeping)


Structured in a way that the course participants take three terms - twelve to fourteen weeks duration - for residential training and four months field attachment in suitable farms.

Entry requirements:

The course is aimed at intelligent, hardworking women and men who are committed to the development of the rural communities in which they live or work. It is desired but not essential, that they have a minimum grade of D plain in the KCSE or its equivalent. They must be fluent in English language.


Designed to develop sound judgment in the student and impart the knowledge and skills necessary for efficient leadership. The teaching methods include; classroom teaching, farm based teaching and recreation activities. The curriculum is delivered using a modular system and broadly categorized into five sub-sections namely:-

  • General modules - these cover most individual and community development aspects.
  • Crop production modules
  • Animal production modules
  • Animal production modules
  • Farm management module.

Sports/social/cultural/spiritual activities are also an important part of this curriculum. The modules are further categorized as college prescribed and elective modules. A student is required to take all the prescribed modules for they are aimed at giving the foundation of sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, while elective ones give a student an opportunity to choose what is relevant to his/her work/home area conditions.


Cumulative Weighted Mean is used to give a constant feedback to the student and for certification purposes. Certification is by Baraka Agricultural College, and the following certificates are awarded: -

  • Distinction
  • Upper credit
  • Credit
  • Pass
  • Attendance.


CSARD 2015/16 course is Ksh 159,500 for citizens of Kenya and Ksh159,500 for persons from outside Kenya. This fee covers the cost of accommodation( only bed and mattress).

Fees are to be paid as follows:-

  • 5,000/=……………………………..deposit with acceptance of place
  • 65,000/=…………………………….at start of first term
  • 49,500/=…………………………….at start of second term
  • 40,000/=…………………………….at start of third term


Persons interested in this course can apply in writing to the Principal of the college. (Click here to apply online )

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